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You move me like music with your style


Deftones - Smile - Eros (via chino on twitter: Chi, We miss you today and everyday. -deftones.)

Que alguien se tome un momento para apreciar esto, Eros cada vez más cerca! 

Una mierda de video que le hicieron a Romantic Dreams, esta bien que el disco esté la raja, pero que se esfuercen un poquito más para los videos po weon, hasta cuando, ya siempre están tocando las mismas canciones y ahora estas weas… Mal Deftones, mal.

Deftones - Boys Republic + Change (Paris - Le Zénith - 06.09.2013) (por Clemfou76)

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You can’t go on, thinkin’,
Nothing’s wrong, but bye,
Who’s gonna drive you home,

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Somehow calm as she walks on stage

Deftones Quizz : Who knows the best his own band ? 

1. What date is Stephen Carpenter Birthday?

2. What singer sang 7 Words with you at your last concert at Trianon in 2010?

3. In what city did you shoot the video for You’ve Seen The Butcher?

4. What album titles are also song titles?

5. What is song number 10 on Saturday Night Wrist?

6. At what position did Koi No Yokan debut at in the charts in the USA?

7. What is the name of the hidden track on White Pony?

8. What is the release date of Koi no Yokan?

9. What song won you a Grammy for in 2001?

10. What is the last song on Diamond Eyes?

11. 2 days ago in London, what song did you play between Head Up and Change?

12. How many song are there on the album… (Abe doesn’t wait to answer the question.)

13. What is the name of the Cardigans song that you covered?

14. What is the first word in the lyrics of Tempest?

15. What is the song between Tempest and Rosemary on Koi no Yokan?

16. On the soundtrack of which film is Teething?

17. What is your shortest song?

18. What Deftones song is named after a district in Los Angeles?

19. Which group did Chino recorded “Surrender Your Sons” with?

20. Which is the only Deftones song that starts with an “O”?

Hace muuuuuuuuuuuucho no escuchaba Sextape, y debo decir que ya no la odio tanto como antes

amo a Deftones tanto como me amo a mi misma